Different Kinds of Locks

25 Jan

Locks are mostly purchased from the locksmith by many people. They have better locks than the retail shops, and that's why many people prefer to buy from them. The entrances and exits, houses and even gates are the ones that are installed with locks. People's properties and other belongings are locked in areas such as trailers with these locks for security purposes. Locks that are found in the market are many and different.

Finding the best locks is not an easy job, and this is recognized by the locksmith. They make different locks with different prices because people are not equal financially. Locksmiths makes different locks, for example, the dead bolts. Dead bolts have three main options. The first option is a single sided lock that has a standard size. A thumb turns inside with a key cylinder are placed on the outside. This type of lock is the one that is used in many houses especially the residential apartments.

Double dead bolt is another type of lock. On the inside and outside part of the doors, a cylinder is placed there. A key will have to be used so that you may unlock the cylinders. A spare key should be given to someone you trust like your neighbors because emergencies happen and they will help you with the spare key to unlock. Gates and doors are the ones that are locked many times by people with a padlock. Padlocks have limited variety. Re-keyable and non-rekeyable are the two types of padlocks.

The keys will be replaced by the locksmiths if the padlock is re-keyable. Some padlocks also have a shrouded shackle. The side of the shackle at times have raised shoulders, and this is one of the ways to improve the security of your home. It is difficult for bolt cutters to cut the lock when you raise the shoulders of your padlock. Another type of lock that is famous is the lever handle. They are mostly used in the inner doors that are found in commercial buildings. The doors are opened easily because they have a big push down handle. You may also find more info here.

Knob locks are mostly found in the residential buildings. If you want o secure your rooms, you should use the knob locks in the exterior doors. The locking cylinder is placed inside the knob. Locksmiths ask people to replace the knob locks on the exterior doors with passage knobs. Electronic locks are also example of locks. Those who use them will have to swipe electronic cards so that the doors may open. Commercial buildings or private rooms like the server rooms are the ones that use such locks. Call us today!

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